ARTIST’S STATEMENT: D George Prisbe-Przybysz



As a native of this state, I grew up under the vastness of the prairie sky and on the fertile cropland of the James River Valley.   This landscape made an early and lasting impression.  It seems impossible that anyone could escape the influence of such a place.  The forces of nature that shape the land also gave form to me - imprinting my psyche and informing my sense of esthetics.


I have been painting the South Dakota landscape for almost thirty years, beginning with large abstract works and evolving to my current interest in small intimate scenes – inspired by tonalism.  I am a proud subscriber to the American Landscape Tradition which influenced an entire country and continues to instill generation after generation with a sense of place.


The imagery for my work is gleaned from photographs that I have taken during my frequent treks around the state - as I pursue my life ambition to drive every mapped road.   Each hill, each bend in the road, promises another reward - whether subtle, grand, complex, or simple – worthy of lens or brush.


“Wherever you are born, your birthplace offers more beauty than you will ever be able to paint during your whole life.”  Rembrandt


I no longer live on the prairie – despite my longing to return – but under the protective blanket of the Black Hills.  My studio and home is at Hanna, a long since abandoned mining town at the upper end of Spearfish Canyon.  When not in my studio I indulge my other passions of hiking, mountain biking, birding, gardening and playing with my dogs.